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RightFit will be in four Central Indiana elementary schools for the fourth year in 2021 - 2022. For the program to be successful, we need enthusiastic volunteers. Our students need and deserve to be encouraged. The children in RightFit come from the families whose children are entitled to free/reduced price meals because of the low income levels of the parents. RightFit is free to all students. 

Getting Started

Before you begin, you must take the Safe and Sacred online class offered by the Archdiocese and complete the accompanying background check (no charge). After you successfully complete the Safe and Sacred online course you will have the opportunity to print a certificate that references your accomplishment. Each volunteer should print this certificate and bring it with them to their first volunteering opportunity.

Volunteer Responsibilities

Academic Assistance


  • Provide individual help in homework help sessions

  • Assist in printing, writing and spelling

  • Listen and read to students

  • Conducting flash card drills

  • Practice vocabulary with students

  • Review lesson plans in advance

Physical Activities


  • Help set up equipment as needed

  • Participate as you are able

  • Assist and encourage during lesson presentations

  • Help with monitoring group rotations



  • Help in monitoring students in cafeteria

  • Deliver nutrition educational information from lesson plans



  • Communicate each RightFit day with school liaison and Indiana Afterschool Network      

  • Collaborate with Public Safety volunteers

  • Role model good behavior for students

  • Build relationships with students, school staff and sponsors

  • Fully abide with all safety procedures

  • Have fun and give feedback

  • Report to the school 10 minutes early and sign-in

  • Each school will review expectations with you on your first day before you start.

  • Contact your school liaison and Aimee Scott ( at the Indiana Afterschool Network with any needed communications

Initial Volunteer Training Documentation

RightFit Program Overview

RightFit Program Overview

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